Zong’s Website Discrediting Zong’s Internet Dominance

Zong, or China Mobile Pakistan, is the first overseas setup of China Mobile through the acquisition of a license from Millicom to operate a GSM network in Pakistan in 2008.

Originally named Paktel Limited, Zong is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile.

Zong  achieved 25 Million customers milestone in November 2014 and has invested more than US $2 billion so far to build up its mobile network.

For the most part, Zong has been pretty consistent in positioning itself as the leading cellular service and mobile broadband provider in Pakistan.  Leading in innovative ways, Zong has built Pakistan’s largest solar power telecommunication network. PTA declared Zong as the No. 1 Data Network in 2016.

Liu Dianfeng is the CEO of Zong

I am proud to say that Maham Naeem Dard, my childhood friend, is currently serving as the Director of Corporate Affairs at China Mobiles.

Zong continues to improve overall under Maham’s leadership.

Zong has a poor web presence even though Zong is focused on positioning itself as the leader of 4G mobile and Internet services.

You don’t have to be an expert to realize the somewhat juvenile implementation of Zong’s website which isn’t mobile friendly at all. Poorly designed menus and coding provide a horrific experience on mobile devices. Far from a responsive design, on most mobile devices, it’s impossible to navigate using the main menu as the slider forcefully gets imposed atop of the menu. Lack of always-on HTTPs and proper search engine friendly redirection are more examples of a haphazardly web presence that doesn’t do justice to Zong’s image.

Today, I decided to reach out to my friend to make him aware of the website’s issues and to offer my help. Here’s what I wrote to Maham:

Maham Dard, Director Corporate Affairs at China Mobiles

Maham, If you can help me get a job at Zong, I can help you significantly in terms of improving Zong’s online presence.

Zong’s website needs dire attention as it reflects horribly on the image Zong is trying to build.

Try using the website on various browsers and you’ll see that it’s nearly unusable.

You are leading Zong to become the top Internet provider. Zong’s website doesn’t do justice to the image you are working so hard to build. Allow me to meet with you and I will show you why Zong’s website isn’t professionally implemented and fails to follow industry standard best practices. Zong spent $1 Billion on securing 4G spectrum and is heavily investing in it’s TV advertising campaigns. Zong’s website should reinforce the image of Zong’s mobile and broadband leadership.
I am fortunate to be your friend and in a position to deliver an online presence that’d add extra stars to Zong’s offerings and establish it as an Internet and mobile expert. Current online strategy of Zong is at best a juvenile strategy with an insecure presence that’s not optimized for mobile devices, users, partners, user acquisition and conversions.

I lead a top 100 website to become a top 10 website. I will present you with an online strategy that will increase Zong’s customer base in an extremely cost efficient manner, increase user engagement, increase customer retention and conversion.

It will also create major barriers for Zong’s competitors to implement due to my unmatched expertise.

When will be a good time for a short phone call? I can be reached at 0311 222 0212. Looking forward to helping your efforts in strengthening Zong’s position and online presence as the true industry leader.

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