Systems Limited, Asif Peer: Recruitment Call

An amusing memory that provided me with strong reinforcement for “Mistakenly, first impression is the last impression”. 

Systems Limited logo

Recruitment officer from Systems Limited calls to provide me with an update after more than a month.


Thank you for taking the time to interview and meeting with our CEO, Mr. Asif Peer. On behalf of Systems Limited, I want to congratulate you for your successful placement in our talent bank. Currently, we are unable to find any position for you. We will be in touch when there is an opportunity available for you.

My response:

Would you please be kind enough to give me a maximum of 15 minutes allowing me to send a list of actively advertised job openings at Systems Limited that match my experience and can help me deliver significant value at Systems Limited? 


Well. All I can say is that we will be in touch when there is an opportunity available for you.

My response:

Thank you very much for your very inventive presentation of congratulations. The ingredients of your very nurturing congratulatory presentation include synthetic sincerity, a severe heart burn trigger for me. Furthermore, I don’t think I deserve it as it lacks sincerity. Undeserved acceptance won’t ever let me digest your lovely presented congratulations. However, I sincerely wish you have a wonderful day.

Recruiter abruptly disconnects.

History shows again and again that turning an employed software engineer into a CEO is a horrible business idea.

Meeting Mr. Asif Peer at Systems Limited at Night

I was incredibly impressed with Mr. Asif Peer and Systems Limited.

I am obsessive about conducting extensive research before going to a company for interview, advise or consult. I went into the interview after equipping myself with a significant size of company’s unknown threats, the overlooked opportunities, the disconnected strengths that were blocking synergies and the misunderstood weaknesses that collectively weren’t letting Systems Limited to be where I believe it could easily be with the resources and contacts that were at its disposal.

You, Mr. Asif Peer, are my ideal entrepreneur

Looking back, my mistake was pointing to Mr. Asif Peer as my current ideal entrepreneur.

I wonder my declaration of him being my ideal made Mr. Peer feel insecure. He appeared at first like he was a very happy and positive personality. When I was leaving his office,  his expressions mimicked expressions of a severely constipated man.

LinkedIn Asif Peer CEO Systems Limited

Asif Peer, CEO of Systems Limited refuses to accept the LinkedIn invite I sent before going to meet him.

You see, I had once again fallen victim to believing in what people say in media. People don’t always say the truth in media. Rather, they say the things they need to say to appear an ideal perfectionist. For, e.g. read the following passage published on

“Mr Asif Peer pointed out that the key difference between the graduates of US and Pakistan is grooming, upbringing, magnitude and exposure. Graduates of US are groomed in a way to think out of box and if you have an idea and efficiency to sell yourself then nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. “

Having earned two degrees from a military university in the United States I didn’t have an option but to appreciate what he said (obviously I forgot that saying and believing aren’t two words describing one activity). It was lucid for him to understand that  Systems Limited desperately could use my experience encompassing more than two decreased and tens of thousands of US contacts ranging from startups to enterprises to governments to engineers to DBAs to angel investors and to venture capitalists.

Systems Limited provides Business Intelligence “BI” services so basic that they can be best explained by using a Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access as an enterprise database.

I was curious as to what questions he will ask me. He right away escaped from asking technical questions by rightfully acknowleding that “at your experience level it’d be trivial to learn any BI tool.”

Side note: At a consulting interview, the CTO of the New York Times said that based on my experience he really cannot figure out what question he should ask. I advised him that although I feel honored, he should not say that ever to any candidate again  and emailed him a list of questions.

[Asif Peer] further said that vision, mission along with re-innovating both in business domain as well as in technology domain is most important thing to make a company work.

I didn’t realize at the time that without implementation and execution, vision and mission aren’t worth a penny. Viewing his usage of the word “re-innovating” immediately brings United CEO Oscar Munoz’s usage of “re-accommodate”, doesn’t it? Innovating is innovating and innovating again, is well, innovating! Is it eating and then re-eating? For sanity’s sake, scream “asinine.”

Talking about the scope of IoT, he said that since all large organizations need data of their end users to make their services better, it is the future of IT.

At the time of declaring him my ideal, I foolishly interpreted this statement as his appreciation for my passion: data. Once again, please read what the above quote says. Correct me if I am making a mistake again, but it seems like a university’s VC preaching “A is for apple”, “B is for baby”, “C is for car”. I am resisting the interpretation that he is not saying he wants to cross all privacy boundaries and take all user data. News flash for Mr. Peer, “all large organizations have data of their end users” and that’s not the future of IT, it’s the past. They don’t just have data, they have so much data that they have been using terms like “data deluge”, “Big Data”, “data overload” and “data to knowledge pipeline” etc.

To be fair to Mr. Peer, the volume of data handled by Systems Limited is miniscule.

In fact, despite the claims Systems Limited doesn’t have a single experienced enterprise grade data professional on board. A part of my professional career started with software engineering and ended with data administration of the then-10th most trafficked website on the Internet. I used to love working on data but hated the terms related to data (database, DBA etc) in my job titles. My reasoning used to be that why pigeon hole me into data when before choosing CIS as my second degree, I had an accounting/auditing degree auditing. After spending several years solving solving challenges and concurrently advising more than 20 startups with a full-time job and automated businesses of my own, I came upon an incredible discovery (doesn’t apply to professionals whose work is limited to a few data operations):

Data administration gurus are the experts who catch and solve the stupidest mistakes made by the smartest software engineers.

Message to Mr. Asif Peer: 

I feel ashamed that I ever thought you were my ideal. Your  body language was screaming your insecurity and evidencing your nervousness as I was leaving your office.

I may have been wrong in terms of perceiving you but I am definitely convinced of one thing: You are not sincere with Systems Limited, her customers, shareholders, stakeholders and last but not the least, your own country.

You ought to be ashamed of focusing on sending talent abroad and making baseless claims of hiring 20,000 employees every year and train them. You may have risen to CEO but trapped in your juvenille and intuitional software engineer’s ego.

Wish you knew the massive opportunity cost of not letting me help you and Systems Limited. Use Google to search for what “opportunity cost” means. I have linked it for your convenience.

You asked me that given my experience I should have been your competitor which indicates that even though I had no intentions, you insecurely felt that with my education and experience I would one day threaten you. Grow up, you pathetically poor and insecure soul.

Given your archaic service portfolio, your conflictedness, your confusions, your disservice and your insincerity I guarantee that you will never be able to realize your full potential.

Having declined Google, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Amazon, Accenture, ADP, Rakuten and more than 1,000 companies, don’t ever think I’d ever work for a child like you who’s dressed in papa’s suit. Don’t know what respected Syed Babar Ali saw in you. I am sure he didn’t have any other option. You can dream of having ten lives to gain my experience. Don’t believe me? Do your research, boy!

P.S. Using Apple to use Windows: shame on you.


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