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Focusing On Your Success

The pivotal focus of my advisory services is to equip you and your team with the needed experience and expertise, proven competencies, professional advice, latest industry standard guidelines, lucid mentoring to enable rapidly implementable, high performance optimal solutions.

Recommendation from Dave McClure, Founding Partner of 500 Startups:

“Frank is one of the sharpest guys around on database & scalability topics, and he is the go-to-guy for figuring out how to grow your user base orders of magnitude without blowing out your servers or your wallet. Equally rational and intelligent on subjects of technical infrastructure as well as business bottom line, Frank is very likely to become the new best friend of his next startup’s CEO, CTO, or CFO. Frank is a MySQL guru!” 

Strategy, Agility, Performance and Availability For Your Success

Strategically architecting a fast track roadmap for you that’s not only agile and highly available but also capable of being highly scalable  without increasing your desired time to market and with minimum total cost of ownership (TCO) to help you succeed is the core mission of my advisory services.

Valuing Your Success

Client feedback indicates that they benefit most by securing a retainer contract as it guarantees availability of needed advice, direction and expertise for an informed decision making and troubleshooting required for successful achievements of their goals.

Recommendations and Testimonials

Recommendation from Taso Du Val, currently CEO of TopTal:

“Frank is one of the most amazing people you will meet as an intellectual, a business owner, a business man, and a technologist. He’s given a keynote at the MySQL Conference, and I’m sure you can read up on him if you Google his name.”

Testimonial from  Rachel Glickman, Chief Revenue Officer, Fotolog (Currently Chief Digital Officer at PlayBill, Formerly at Time Warner):

“Frank Mashraqui was my strategic partner within the Fotolog organization. As Chief Revenue Officer it was my responsibility to look at all revenue generating opportunities, and much of my success relied on Business Operations and Tech Development. Frank is very skilled at identifying opportunities and he did that proactively on a regular basis. He is also very good at communicating the complex in simple terms to nontechnical employees. Frank would be a tremendous asset to any organization.”

Recommendation from Adam Seifer, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Fotolog.com (currently Co-Founder and Co-CEO of EverPlans / formerly co-creator of sixdegrees):

“Frank is one of my favorite people I’ve worked with over the years. He’s unbelievably conscientious, dedicated and hard working. We had to force him to step away from the workstation and take a day off several times. He’s got a great range of skills and knowledge he goes a mile deep on the DBA stuff, but he knows a lot about a lot more and is one of those all too rare tech maestros who can take a step back and tap effectively into the business objectives. I’ll probably never forgive him for leaving us, but I sure hope to work with Frank again somewhere down the line.”

Recommendation from Ronald Bradford, Senior Consultant at MySQL (currently Consultant with Pythian, formerly Oracle ACE Director)

“I have known Farhan via professional association for over 3 years. Initially as part of the MySQL community and now as a Senior Consultant for MySQL Inc. Farhan is an expert in the field of MySQL database administration and data architecture. He also posses the aptitude and vision for planning, development and management of large scale successful software solutions. I have seen his skills increase and extend relative to operational complexity and I have seen him personally handle large scale disaster recovery which is an invaluable and rare skill. His knowledge and expertise at a top 20 website is invaluable for any organization small or large that wants to ensure a successful strategy. His intimate knowledge of Sun hardware and MySQL Innodb internals ensures he is highly respected within MySQL Inc and the MySQL community.
I consider Farhan an expert and peer among a small number of senior MySQL industry professionals and I am happy to recommend him for position that is challenging and rewarding.”

Additional testimonials and references are available on request.

Engagement Options For Your Success


$200 / hour for a retainer of 10 hours / month based on a 6 month contract

$250 / hour for a retainer of 5 hours / month based on a 6 month contract


$400 / hour based on a scheduled appointment without a retainer


$800 / hour for emergency support without a retainer

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