Virident's acquisition by Western Digital

  • Scaled the 3rd most active social network
  • Scaled top 100 website to top 10 ranking worldwide (based on traffic: source Alexa).
  • Reverted a $100 Million data disaster
  • Co-founded world’s largest data science and open graph processing company
  • Dave McClure called me “the go-to guy” and “next best friend of his startup’s CFO, CEO, CTO”
  • Big Data Scalability, Security and Performance Architect, passionate about architecting low latency solutions & hunting bottlenecks to solve challenging architectural/engineering problems in massively large systems that demand high performance.



  • 10th most trafficked website on the Internet (Alexa)
  • 3rd most active social network (Comscore)
  • $90 Million acquisition by Hi Media Group AdUX of France  (coverage by Mashable,


Betaworks is a start-up studio and startup incubator based in New York that make essential products that thoughtfully combine art and science.


MatchStar Venture Search

Shermans Travel Media

Better World Books


World’s largest real time analytics company


Funding: $28.5M funding
Usage: (2.1 Billion times / month)

Virident Systems

Virident's acquisition by Western Digital

Elite Group

  • Designerz LLC

  • Hosting And Beyond