Startup and Enterprise Advisor, Startup Consultant, Full Stack Web Developer, Big Data Architect

Since 1999, Frank Mashraqi has had a distinguished career leading startups to be atop their niche as well as advising large and complex global clients.

Dave McClure, co-founder of 500 Startups called Frank Mashraqi “the go to guy” and “the next best friend of his startup’s CEO, CTO or CFO.”

In addition to being a renowned keynote speaker at a number of leading conferences, Frank has also been recognized as a global top 10 DBA and a leading expert on the topics of big data, cloud computing, cyber security.

Key highlights of Frank’s career include serving as the director of business operations and technical strategy of the 3rd most active social network*, leading it to become a top 10 ranking website with a US $100 million successful acquisition by Hi-Media (now AdUX) based in Paris, France.

One of Frank’s employer faced a $100 million data disaster because of a bug in the SAN that was being used in the production.  Consultants from 3Par, the SAN manufacturer and MySQL Inc, the database vendor had given up all hopes of any chance of successful and integral data recovery.   Refusing to give up, Frank single handedly worked on a 78 hours long shift and successfully recovered the massive data disaster. That “unimaginable reversal” of a $100 million data disaster equipped Frank with rare competencies and insights related to disaster recovery, disaster planning and disaster prevention.

Frank co-founded XGraph (formerly NetEdge) along with Key Compton (Solbright), Gary Gluck (Solbright), Dr. Jim Merino (Stanford University / Yahoo) and Dr. Paul Moore (Stanford University / Yahoo).  Working closely with Akamai, Burst Network and Amazon Web Services, he architected the dynamically scaling, multi-tenant cloud computing platform and led the engineering and operations team to successfully create the largest data science company focused on open social graph processing at the time. XGraph was acquired by ClearSpring (now AddThis), one of the first clients brought onboard XGraph platform by Frank.

Frank went on to serve as the chief technical officer of

He is a member of International Input and Output Association, Georgia Society of CPAs, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, Python Software Foundation.

Frank co-founded Opportunities Research Inc and served as it’s chief big data officer. Later he went to co-found Opportunities Ventures Pvt. Ltd, a startup accelerator.

Currently Frank is serving as the vice president for Sehrish Foundation and working on his next “stealth mode” startup. Despite his busy schedule, he makes sure to reserve some availability to help other startups and enterprises facing complicated scalability, data, performance and related  decision making challenges by providing professional advisory services.

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* according to Comscore at it’s peak

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